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Colombia is renowned by any cyclist worldwide, not only because of the names of its “escarabajos” (riders), usually among the conquerers of the highest summits in the great European circuits. It is also known because in our country we have endless roads to ride on infinite mountains. Nevertheless, Colombia is not only about cycling. Its cultural diversity awaits in every corner; history and stories to be told. Taking a journey on a bicycle and learning about all these stories is our mission. Not only just pedaling along but doing it with a purpose, and this is to be in contact with our multi-diverse culture, their people and its landscape. We take extra-special care on every detail, choosing the best quality service for our clients and always designing alternative and interesting routes that take you off the beaten track to discover extraordinary people and breathtaking places that otherwise would go unnoticed if you went out on your own (because they might not even appear on a map!). We have put together all our years of expertise with our passion for riding the bike and visiting every single corner of this country, to give our participants this unique experience.  


By starting as a family business we have the capacity to adapt our operation to the specific needs of our customers. Thus, delivering innovation in taylor-made options and offering new and better experiences to satisfy, or even exceed your expectations. This is what makes Cycling-Journeys the leader on this type of tours.


The bike is just an excuse, a means of transportation that leads us to discover what each destination hides. Helping us to witness, first-hand, the local experiences by connecting ourselves with the people and opening our mind to new horizons. Delight yourself while traveling to unique places on a pace that only a bicycle can give you 

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