Central Andes Traveling to
The Coffee Wonderland

The Colombian coffee region locally known as “eje cafetero” It is famous for growing and production of the majority of Colombian coffee, considered by many the best coffee in the world. this region has created its own identity, with customs around the coffee tradition, becoming one of the iconic regions of the country. In 2011 UNESCO declared the Coffee Cultural Landscape a World Heritage Site.  


The Central Andes of Colombia is an extension of impressive mountains on an exuberant display of natural scenery and colorful agricultural landscape. Whether you’re pedaling uphill on winding roads to achieve the daily challenge and having breathtaking views, or just cruising the countryside across fields of coffee, bananas and citrus trees, the Eje Cafetero is much more than a geographical region; it’s the roots of coffee-culture, alive and present on every hacienda, every small town, with their colonial and typical architecture perduring in time. The landscape of this region deeply attached to its identity, traditions, and way of life over hundreds of years. If you’re traveling to the country of the world’s best coffee, a journey across the Eje Cafetero is a must. One of the reasons that makes this land so fertile is the ash from volcanic origin, deposited on the soil from the countless centennial eruptions of the volcanoes present on this chain of mountains. Towards the end of our cycling journey we’ll actually be exploring the very same foothills of the volcano Nevado del Ruíz at 11500 fasl. At this point, we’ll be able to spend a day on one of the most specific and fragile ecosystems of the Tropical Andes, the Paramo. This trip offers the best selection of the mid and high elevations of the Central Andes. Being in direct contact with the coffee culture, it’s friendly people, its places, the local gastronomy and nature is what we aim at on this tour. Join us for this wonderful trip to the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia; you’ll share memorable and enrichening life experiences with the local communities and their proudful customs as we explore this region riding on a bicycle.

Good To Know




2 millions



Area (km2)

2,070 km2


1600 masl (average)


Central Andes


Very productive land, focused on agriculture, especially coffee and citric, home of the best coffee in the world, worldwide renowned because of its architecture, culture, landscapes and friendly people. Locally known as “eje cafetero”


Coffee area

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