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Cycling-Journeys is 100% Colombian. We are really passionate about cycling, conservation, nature, culture and the good service. Our co-founders are all biologists with years of experience in tourism, conservation, exploration of new routes, and good relationships with the local communities. We’ve assembled all these elements in such a way that we can only provide you with the best quality service.  


At Cycling-Journeys we work with local talent and their wisdom, supporting community-based tourism, hence, activating the local economies by demanding the native resources and products.  


We are aware that salaries in Colombia are below average, that’s why we put an extra effort on rewarding the outstanding work that our staff does to make the best out of every trip. Our service providers are also trustworthy friends to us; they already know our needs and demands very well and will be happy to fulfill them all. We are pretty confident that you will be very satisfied as you realize that your visit will benefit the local communities in Colombia and support the country’s development.  


Cycling-Journeys would love to open your mind and heart showing you that Colombia is a safe, friendly and beautiful country. Colombians are waiting with their open arms for the opportunity to be your hosts, and committed to provide an excellent service.  


When you book with Cycling-Journeys you can rely on us and be absolutely sure that your trip will be a wonderful and relaxing holiday. 



Alejandro Pinto Cycling trips leader CEO_400

Alejandro Pinto


BSc biologist and professional guide. His passion for cycling started when he was a child, have been into BMX, XC, DH, road cycling and whatever you imagine on a bicycle! He is a bicycles nerd and lover! His other passion:  nature, conservation, birds and wildlife took him to study biology and during more than 13 years has been exploring the territory of Colombia and other countries in Latin America looking for wildlife. He has been leading wildlife, nature and birdwatching trips in Colombia since that time. A top quality tour leader with a lot of knowledge of both, cycling and nature.

Luis Urueña

Luis Urueña

Commercial Director

BSc Biologist and professional guide.  Luis is a birds, wildlife and outdoors lover. Have carrying many conservation projects throughout Colombia and has been working in ecotourism since 2000, leading his own birdwatching tours company “Manakin Nature tours”, full commitment with develop high quality and sustainable tourism in Colombia and Latin America, with the main aim to always offers a top quality services. He is an expert in logistics in Colombia and he is able to organize, lead, and carry out trips in any location or route due to his knowledge and experience.

Mahe Bueno cycling journeys

Mahe Bueno

Tour Leader

Informatics engineer. She was born in Suesca, a small town surrounded by mountains, rock cliffs and nature. Since she was a child felt in love by outdoor activities including: rock climbing, hiking and cycling. For several season she volunteered with sea turtles in the Colombian Caribe – her other passion – and the bicycle has led her to explore many places in Colombia. Endless energy on and off the saddle, always smiling and mind open to learn and teach.

Edson Moroni marketing

Edson Moroni

Marketing Strategies

BSc Biologist from Federal University of Grande Dourados (UFGD); Since 2015 he has been working with ecotourism in the Pantanal area in Brazil and since 2020 in Colombia, specializing in digital marketing strategies and commercialization of ecotourism products for different lodges and nature reserves in his native country. He has large experience in the development and tourist positioning of destinations with an emphasis on nature tourism. He has given conferences, courses and workshops on ecotourism, strategic planning in farms. with the development of marketing actions for different organizations throughout his career.



Colombia is stunningly beautiful, with vast regions of unimaginable biodiversity. On a short trip you can enjoy snow tipped mountains, green rolling hills, cloudy highland plateaus, steamy tropical beaches, hot tangled jungles, emerald lakes, verdant river valleys and unique ecosystems like the páramos. Located in the northwest of South America, it borders to the northwest with Panama, to the east with Venezuela and Brazil, and in the south with Ecuador and Peru. Its rich geography is characterized by its six main natural regions which each possess unique characteristics: The Andes Mountains, the Pacific Coast, the Caribbean Coast, the Plains, the Amazon Rainforest region, and the Insular region made up of islands in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  All this without mentioning some geographic complexities that evolve in an isolated manner throughout the country, makes of Colombia rich in landscapes, biodiversity and culture. 


The Andes mountains are divided into three branches, known as “cordilleras” (mountain ranges). The Western Cordillera (Western Andes) which runs adjacent to the Pacific coast with an influence of the Pacific Rainforest which dominates in low-lying areas.  The Cordillera Central (Central Andes) has its origin in still-active, currently snow-capped volcanos and is flanked by the valleys of the Cauca river and the Magdalena river (to the west and east respectively).  Along this Central range is where the heart of the country’s coffee region is located, highly productive due to the volcanic ash deposited over millions of years.  The Cordillera Oriental (Eastern Andes) is the newest and widest, extending to the northeast crossing into Venezuela.  The highest peaks in the Andes exceed 5,000m (15,000 ft) above sea level and represent dominated by beautiful and particular landscapes. To the east of the Andes, the Savannahs (known as llanos), part of the Orinoco River basin is dominated by extensive plain grasslands and riparian forests.  In the far southeast, the Amazon Rainforest can be found, representing the most important continuous rainforest on the planet, a green blanket that extends for millions of hectares and provides home to incredible natural diversity.   


The richness of Colombia is also represented by its cultural diversity: mixed-race, Afro-Americans, gypsies, farmers, European and Arab immigrants and indigenous tribes that live in the most isolated parts of the country, all live here converting it into multi-ethnic society.  In the same sense, within Colombia there are 84 indigenous towns and 60 native languages still spoken. Over the years and as a result of this cultural and social history, important expressions can be found that range from the architectural to the artistic, many of which have been declared as World Heritage sites.   


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